Benefits of Unlocking your Blackberry:


Enables you to use it with another GSM provider
Enables you to use a local prepaid sim card when travelling instead of roaming with your current provider.
Adds to the resale value of your phone
Freedom to use any GSM Blackberry device on the network of your choice

Just to give you an example, let's say you're a Storm 9550 lover and have AT&T but AT&T doesn't sell the Storm 2, you can buy a Verizon Storm 9550 unlock it and use it with AT&T.



Can ANY Blackberry be unlocked?

Yes only if your Blackberry is GSM. As mentioned above some Blackberrys are dual Technology: GSM/CDMA. Those Blackberrys can be unlocked and used on GSM providers. All other models, if you have a SIM card slot in the back, then your phone is GSM is can be unlocked. Please make sure not get confused with the SIM card slot and the Memory Card slot


Once I Unlock my Blackberry, can I use it with any GSM provider worldwide?

99% of the time, the answer is YES, but you always have to make sure that the phone is compatible with the Network you want to use, because in some cases your phone will not be able to be used on the network.

Best way to find out is to check your Blackberry's GSM capabilities and then compare that to the Network you wish to use frequencies.

Here are some examples:

Blackberry 8830 will only work overseas once unlocked because the phone is only capable of GSM 900 / 1800 on GSM. So even if you unlock it, you will not be able to use it in North America.
Blackberry 9530/9550/9630 once unlocked will only work on AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers & Fido's EDGE (no 3G)
Blackberry 9700 from T-Mobile once unlocked will only work on AT&T's EDGE but not 3G
Blackberry 9700 from T-Mobile or Wind Mobile once unlocked will work on all GSM carriers as EDGE, but 3G will only work on these 2 networks in North America. In other parts of the world, you will be able to get 3G from providers offering 3G on 1700MHz, 2100 MHz bands.

So as you can see, there is are still things you need to check. Most of the time, most Blackberrys that are quad-band will work worldwide on EDGE, but in some cases ex: Canada, where Bell/Telus/ only have a 3G HSPA Network, if you buy an 8900 which is quad-band but not 3G compatible and unlock it, you won't be able to use it with Bell/Telus because they only have a 3G network and no EDGE to fall back on.

Always best to ask before unlocking your phone just in case.



Verizon/Sprint have SIM cards, can I use an unlocked Blackberry with them?

The SIM cards that Verizon & Sprint ship with their dual technology phones such as the 8830/9530/9550/9630 are only meant to be used when roaming outside North America. In other words, your line is tied to the phone using the ESN. If you plan on traveling and would like to roam with them, you will need to call them and have them activate the SIM card for International use. There is no way to use your Verizon/Sprint line on their SIM card in North America at the moment.



Does Unlocking void my Warranty?

This has been a question asked over and over again with different opinions. We can confirm that unlocking your phone remotely by code will not void the warranty. In the past, some phones needed to be opened, software tampered with in order to unlock it and that obviously would void the warranty. If you call your provider and ask them the question, they will most likely say that it does, because that's what they are trained to say. We personally exchanged numerous unlocked Blackberrys with ATT/T-Mobile/Verizon/Rogers and never had any issues.



Once my Blackberry Unlocked, will all features such as BBM/Email/Browser work?

Yes they will, but you need to make sure that you have a Blackberry Data Plan with the provider you will be using. In some cases you will need to load the Service Books manually to your phone in order for all features to work. You can find a lot of threads here with step by step instructions. In some cases you will also need to make sure that the PIN has been released by previous provider if phone has previously been used.


What is MEP and SP Unlock Code?

MEP=Mobile Equipment Personalization and is basically the unlock code you need to unlock most Blackberrys.

SP= Service Provider lock is a new lock that Bell/Telus have lately added to their GSM Blackberrys.

Most Blackberry phones only have the MEP lock.



How do I know if my Blackberry is Unlocked?

You can insert a SIM card in your phone and then go to Options/Advanced Options/SIM card and type the letters "mepd" (without the quotes)

If Network says Disabled or Inactive, that means your Blackberry is already unlocked.

If Network says Enabled or Active, that means your phone is locked.

If Network says Blocked, that means the only way to unlock your phone would be for us or any equipped shop to physically have your phone.

If all say Disabled but Service Provider says Active, that means you need the SP Unlock Code to unlock your Blackberry.



How many digits is the unlock code and is it reusable?

Depending on the model of your Blackberry and the provider the phone is from, the code can be 8 or 16 Digits.

Each Blackberry has a unique unlock code based on the IMEI. The code for one IMEI will not work on another phone.


I have a Past-Due Balance with Verizon, can I still unlock my Blackberry?

Yes you can. If the phone is reported stolen, the PIN might be blocked though by RIM.


I enter the unlock code and get "Code Error" but the attempts counter doesn't go down?

It's a known issue on some Blackberrys. If you get "Code Error" and the counter hasn't gone down, that means that your phone accepted the code and unlocked.

If the counter goes down, then you have the wrong code or waited too long to press Trackball/Trackpad/Enter after entering the code.